Course Description

Creator of the Chi Cycle Lifestyle

Jost Sauer

Born in 1958 in Germany, Jost has a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), Diploma in Oriental Massage and Certificates in Structural Balancing and Sports Injury Management. He began working as a therapist in 1991, lectured in traditional Chinese medicine for ten years, founded and operated many health centres and rehabs, and worked internationally with celebrity clients in USA. He became renowned for his entertaining presentations on health and lifestyle and regularly speaks at massive music festivals, conferences, universities and schools.Health and fitness has always been a passion and Jost’s background includes competitive skiing (at a national level), body-building and triathlon and ironman training. When he discovered chi though, he realized that fitness was only part of the equation – vitality was the other. This led to decades of further research and ultimately the development of his Chi Cycle Lifestyle.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction & Overview

    • Lifestyle Realignment

    • Medicinal Diet

    • Supplements

    • Core

    • Chi

    • Weights

  • 2


    • Imprint Change at Home

    • Explore New Horizons

    • Crack the Chi Code

    • Intoxicate Yourself

    • The Way of the Whiteboard

    • Shake It Up

    • Chi Rewards

    • Perceive Differently

    • Discover Yin

    • Build the Fire

    • More Manifesting

    • Willpower

    • 12 Ways to Fly Again

    • The Motivation Manifesto

    • New Communities

    • Develop Distance

    • Get New Information

    • Chase the Cosmic

    • Meditation

    • Express Yourself

  • 3


    • Cosmic Behavior Therapy

    • Make Time for Chi

    • Future-Proof Yourself