Meet Jost Sauer

The Lifestyle Medicine Man

Jost Sauer is an energy worker, acupuncturist, author, educator and creator of the therapeutic chi cycle lifestyle. Jost has written multiple books on chi and health, run health clinics, and treated tens of thousands of people from celebrities to CEOs to professional athletes.

Jost’s easy-to-follow health system draws on his Chinese medicine expertise, and 30 years of research and clinical practice using lifestyle therapeutically.

Get More Energy

Feeling tired all the time? Here’s how to Get More Energy!

Learn how to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and energised, full of vitality and eager to take on the challenges of the day. In this online course, Jost will teach you ancient Chinese secrets to pick up your energy by knowing the best times for everything from social media to sex to sleep.

eHab Online Rehab

Practical strategies for freedom from addiction

eHAB is a series of tutorials for unapologetic drug-users who don’t consider themselves diseased, and don’t want to be normal or preached to, and it provides practical strategies for freedom from addiction and spiritual self-growth.

12 Months Unlimited Access

eHab Online Rehab Program

  • $69.95

    - Over 30 Videos & Lessons
    - Downloadable Tools


Get More Energy

  • $9.95

    - 14 Short Videos
    - Downloadable Tools